Slimline Happy Spring Cards!

KC Rubbernecker 5322-01D Slimline OPC Scallop 1 right

We know spring is coming – we just have to be patient – but I am already looking forward to it so today I made one of the slimline Happy Spring cards I have been thinking about. I just loved making these three tiny scenes, each in its own little window, with all these adorable …

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One of My Simple Slimline Fall Card Ideas

KC Rubbernecker 5215D 3 Maple Leaves 4 right

I’ve had lots of fall card ideas this year and I just love the simplicity and color pops of this slimline fall card. I especially love how easy this card is to make thanks to the ingenious slimline insert dies created by Rubbernecker and the gorgeous vibrancy of those leave thanks to Rubbernecker’s Color Fuse …

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